Notice: Apps from are no longer available for U.S. customers.


Adding your apps to FXCM Apps

Compile, Upload and Start Earning Revenue

The final compiling, upload, hosting and payment setup are all done for you.

FXCM will compile the final version of your app into an installation executable. This installer will automatically include a basic End User License Agreement.

This finalized installer is uploaded by FXCM to Next a product page is created with your app’s description text, and your app is taken live. Once live, your app can start earning revenue immediately.

Tracking Sales and Revenue

At the end of each month FXCM automatically emails each developer a statement of purchase activity of their app(s).

As the developer you get 80% of the sales revenue.

Monthly Payments

At the end of each month FXCM automatically sends payment to each developer via their preferred method of payment. There are no fees associated with payment.

Bank Wire or Paper Check

Payment and bank details can always be updated by contacting Full details of the payment process can be found in the Developer Agreement.

Taxes and Fees

As a courtesy to developers, FXCM collects and pays taxes where applicable on transactions from The transaction tax is taken soley from FXCM’s share of revenue. Developers should consult their own tax specialist to determine tax liability associated with income from app sales.

Developers do not pay any fees to host apps with All costs for credit card transactions, hosting and marketing are covered by FXCM.