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Zero Lag Moving Average

Developer: FXCM

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Zero Lag Moving Average is a technical indicator that attempts to remove the lagging characteristics of indicators like the Exponential Moving Average. It does this by tracking current prices more closely than older prices.

This indicator was developed on FXCodebase*.

  • Length: The number of periods used for the moving average calculation
  • Filter: Filter out recent price data.  A larger number will increase the filtering of short-term noise and price
  • ColorBarBack: The number of bars needed to cause a change in trend color
  • Deviation: Shift the indicator line up or down in position.  Calculated as a percentage and accepts negative values.  Example: A value of “1” will shift the indicator line 1% upwards.
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This Indicator is only compatible with FXCM Trading Station Desktop software. Additionally, an FXCM account is required (including free FXCM demo accounts).

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