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Volatility Percent Rank for MT4


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Measure market volatility accurately.

The indicator compares short term vs long term market volatility based on previous bars ranges. If current volatility is high compared to the past, the indicator value will be high and vice versa for low volatility values. The resulting calculation is presented as a percentage that oscillates from 0 to 100. Levels called percentiles are plotted to rank volatility.

This measurement can be useful in several ways:

  • Market regimes: determine the market type (quiet vs volatile) and choose the strategies that work more effectively, like mean reversion on low volatility and breakouts on high volatility.
  • Market selection: narrow options to a handful of markets that meet specific criteria.
  • Filter trades: avoid dangerous situations like markets in risk off mode with high volatility readings.

The following are inputs available in the application:

  • Short term look back – number of periods used for the short term market volatility measurement
  • Long term look back – number of periods used for the longer term market volatility measurement
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