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Triple Confirmation Trade Signal


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This indicator is a user friendly indicator that is designed to be simple and effective for all users. No Forex background experience is required in order to use this indicator.

This indicator signals the user when to enter trades, both Long & Short positions.

Basically, when an arrow point ‘up’ appears, it is an indication to go long. When an arrow pointing ‘down’ appears, it is an indication to go short.


It signals the user by producing an arrow point ‘Up’ or an arrow pointing ‘Down’.

When the arrow points upwards, it signals to enter a Long position.

When the arrow points downwards, it signals to enter a Short position.

There are 6 types of arrows, 3 ‘Up’ arrows and 3 ‘Down’ arrows.

As mentioned earlier, this indicator is designed to be user friendly.

It does this is by incorporating all the essential indicators, such as MACD and other common indicator, into its computations and also based on multiple proven effective strategies.

Resulting in 3 different types of arrows for both long and short positions.


This indicator is recommended on the XAUUSD chart with a period H4.

However if desired, it can be used on other charts as well, but maintaining the period H4. For example, “AUDUSD, H4”.

There will be cases where more than 1 arrow appears on the same bar, indicating that it is more likely to be going to the indicated direction. For example, if there are 2 arrows pointing down on a bar, it indicates a higher chance of the price going down during that period. If this happens, some arrows may be covered due to the size of the chart. Hence, zooming out or re-sizing the chart can done to solve this problem.

When an arrow appears, it may take less than a day for the price to go its direction. Hence, kindly be patient and wait for the results.

The expected least return would be 100 pips (i.e. $10 for XAUUSD) if the trend direction is right, however it is designed to make much greater than 100 pips.


The following input is available in the indicator’s properties window and can be defined by the app user:

  • alertsOn:
    • True, if you want to be alerted when a signal appears.
    • False, if you do not want to be alerted when a signal appears.
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