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Support Resistance Strength Analyzer

Developer: Bernhard Liedtke

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Horizontal price levels can form powerful support and resistance zones because many traders use them. However, they can be time consuming to analyze.

This unique indicator analyzes historical prices to identify support and resistance zones, as well as calculates how strong they were based on how many times price had reversed at those levels.

It does this by dividing historical data into price zones to allow for variations in reversal points around key levels. The indicator considers an opposite move larger than a threshold number of zones to be a reversal. Each reversal which takes place at a previously identified support or resistance zone will add to that level’s strength and each move through a zone will reduce its strength.

Strengths are shown on the chart as rectangles of different colour intensity. Support is green, resistance is red and blue represents zones which have recently been both support and resistance. There is an option to display the actual strength values in the zone rectangles.

The size of the support/resistance zones, as well as the size of the threshold needed to detect reversals, can be customized.

The indicator also has a feature called ‘multi-zone heat map’ which gives an overview of the support/resistance areas on the chart using multiple zone sizes drawn at once. Areas with the strongest color intensity over multiple zone sizes have had the strongest support/resistance in the past.


The following inputs are available in the indicator’s parameters window and can be defined by the app user:

  • Calculation mode – how support and resistance zones are drawn (single zone height, multi-zone heat map which has 4 zone heights drawn together, or both).
  • Zone threshold – how far price needs to move to be considered a reversal at a support/resistance zone (4 size options).
  • Zone height – how large the support/resistance zone is (4 size options).
  • Support resistance display type – support only, resistance only, areas which were both at once, all options displayed.
  • Display zone boundary lines, customize color and style.
  • Display zone height as text at the top of the screen.
  • Minimum strength to display – to filter low strength zones and only show the stronger ones.
  • Display support/resistance strength values as text in colored regions. These numbers specify how many times a region has held as a support or resistance zone.
  • Display data for first 200 bars only. This option simplifies the display and can speed up drawing of the chart if needed.
  • Color scheme – optimized for light or dark chart backgrounds.
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