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Nolte’s Envelope

Developer: John Nolte

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Nolte’s Envelope creates an envelope with a dynamic deviation that adjusts according to trend strength.  It uses a moving average of the candle highs to determine the trend for the upper envelope level and a moving average of the candle lows to determine the trend for the lower envelope level.

While the markets are trending the upper and lower envelope levels combine to create a single HL/2 (median price) moving average.  As the high moving average begins to flatten the upper envelope level begins to expand upwards and as the low moving average begins to flatten the lower envelope level begins to expand lower.  Note that the high and low moving averages are for reference only and are not seen on the chart.


The following are inputs available in the application:

  • Deviation: Sets the maximum deviation.
  • STP: Adjusts the sensitivity to the trend.
  • Power: Changes the envelopes rate of expansion.
  • MA Periods: Sets the period for the moving average.
  • MA Method: Sets the method for the moving average.  (0=simple 1=exponential 2=smoothed 3=weighted)
  • Shift: Shifts indicator forward.
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