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Automated Strategies

News Trader

Developer: Quadrivium

News Trader is a trading strategy that allows several approaches to trading but is specially designed to trade medium to high impact news. News Trader allows traders to trade the big price movements on news such as Non-Farm Payrolls, FOMC, Interest Rates, GDP, or other news that highly impacts particular instruments.

News Trader carries an extensive array of trade settings where up to ten trades on a variety of instruments can be executed simultaneously and independent of one another. Trades can be enabled or disabled, and can be configured to attempt to maximize potential gains on big price movements while minimizing the risk of losses.

News Trader comes complete with a special “offset” feature which specifies the value, in pips, to be subtracted from or added to the current market bid price. This feature helps in developing a strategy, among others, based on swing movements in prices at news time.

Other strategically important features include:

  • Fixed Stops
  • Trailing Stops
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit
  • Lot Size 
  • Account to trade on: selects account
  • Trade Settings: (settings for up to 10 different orders)
  • Use Trade: True/False switch to determine whether Trade parameters will be processed and sent as an entry order
  • Symbol: Default dropdown option to select the Symbol chart for the system to run on
  • Direction: Specifies the direction of the entry order
  • Offset: Specify the number of pips to add to a current market bid price for specified instrument. This calculation is performed when the strategy is applied. This parameter will accept both positive and negative values
  • LotSize: Specifies the lot size. An input of 1 refers to the base unit size for the account traded
  • TakeProfit: Specifies the take profit amount, in pips. If set to 0, no take profit will be used
  • StopLoss: Specifies the stop loss amount, in pips. If set to 0, no stop loss will be used
  • TrailStop: Specifies whether to activate trailing stop loss. Select ‘none’ to use a simple fixed stop. Select ‘dynamic’ to send a dynamic trailing stop. Select ‘fixed’ to send a fixed trailing stop
  • Fixed Step: If the user chooses a fixed trailing stop, this input defines the pip increments at which the fixed trailing stop will be updated. If TrailStop = None or = Dynamic, this variable is ignored.
Risk Disclaimer

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