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Multiple Instrument Pivot

Developer: Mario Jemic

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The main purpose of the Multiple Instrument Pivot is to give an at-a-glance overview of price positions within the pivot indicator zone for multiple instruments. This gives market participants a range comparison tool for otherwise incomparable and diverse instruments.


The following are inputs available in the application:

  • Sort The List: (yes/no) If enabled, this will sort the instruments based on their position within the Pivot Zone. Starting from the left side of the display screen, instruments will be displayed in descending order with the highest value in the pivot range will displayed at the far left.
  • PivotCalcMode: (Pivot/Camarilla/Woodie/Fibonacci/Floor/Fibonaci Retracement) This option will allow the user to choose the pivot indicator calculation method.
  • Time frame: Allows the user to select the time frame for the multiple instrument pivot indicator.
  • Currency Pair Selector: (Chart/Multiple Currency Pair/All Currency Pairs) Will allow the user to select the instruments of interest. ‘Chart’ will only use the chart instrument. ‘Multiple Currency Pair’ allows the user to select up to twenty instruments. ‘All Currency Pairs’ will display all available instruments.
  • Use This Slot: (yes/no) Allows the user to select whether this slot is active (multiple currency pair setting).
  • Pair: Allows the user to select the instrument for the slot.
  • Label Color: Defines the text color.
  • Show Label: (yes/no) Allows the user to select if labels for lines of resistance/support will be displayed.
  • Fill Transparency: Defines the transparency for pivot bars.
  • Height: Defines the percentage of chart height occupied by indicators.
  • Interspace: Defines the percentage of chart width between individual bars.
  • Max Bar Size: Defines the maximum bar width.
  • Up Color: Defines the up bar color.
  • Down Color: Defines the down bar color.
  • Pivot Line Color: Defines the pivot line color.
  • Show line: Determines whether the underlying line will be displayed.
  • Line Color: Defines the underlying line color.
  • Line Width: Defines the underlying line width.
  • Line Style: Defines the style of the underlying line. Options are no line, solid line, dotted line, dashed, or dashes and dots.
Risk Disclaimer

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