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Multiple instruments, multiple time-frames and multiple indicators! The Multi-Indicator generates a one-page matrix of miniature charts (“mini-charts”) for multiple instruments, time-frames and technical indicators. This is an ideal way to display key technical information about a wide-range of instruments and time-frames on a single chart.

The multiple instruments can be selected from some pre-defined groups (e.g. forex majors, equity indices, USD forex pairs, etc.) or a custom selection list can be created.

The instruments are displayed in separate rows. Each row is then divided into several columns. Each column defines a time-frame (e.g. m5, m30, H1, D1, etc.), and one of a selection of standard technical indicators.

Currently the following list of standard technical indicators is supported: Simple Moving Average (MVA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Stochastics Fast (SFK), Stochastics Slow (SSD), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Average True Range (ATR) and Directional Movement Index (DMI).

In addition price history can be displayed, either as a line chart (of close prices) or a bar chart (of high/low/close prices).


The following inputs are available in the indicator’s parameters window and can be defined by the app user:

  • Group: This parameter allows you to easily select the subset of instruments to use for the multi-timeframe analysis.
  • Custom group: This is a comma-separated list of instruments, which will be used when a custom “Group” parameter is specified.
  • There are 6 “Time-frame” groups (#1 to #6). The basic parameter options are the same for each group…
    • Time-frame: This is the time-frame (or period) of the data to be used, e.g. m1, m5, H1, D1, W1, etc.
    • Historic bars: This is the number of bars of historic data to display in the mini-chart.
    • Indicator: This can be one of several common standard indicators. Price can also be specified, either as close prices or high/low/close prices.
    • Custom indicator: This is the name of the custom indicator to use, when the “Indicator” field is set to “Custom”.
    • Parameter #1, #2, #3: The indicator parameters.
  • Sort by (time-frame #): The table can be sorted (numerically from high to low).
  • Show reference lines: When set to “Yes”, lines are drawn at standard reference levels for some indicators (e.g. RSI has over-bought level at 70 and over-sold level at 30).
  • Show values: When set “Yes”, the current indicator value(s) are also shown on the mini-chart.
  • Background colour 1: The background colour for the table.
  • Background colour 2: The background colour for the header row.
  • Foreground colour 1: The foreground colour for the table (used for text, lines, etc.).
  • Reference line colour: The line colour for indicator reference lines.
  • Line colour 1: The line colour for indicator stream 1.
  • Line colour 2: The line colour for indicator stream 2.
  • Line colour 3: The line colour for indicator stream 3.
  • Line colour 4: The line colour for indicator stream 4.
  • Up-bar colour: The colour for up-bars when high/low/close price bars are used.
  • Down-bar colour: The colour for down-bars when high/low/close price bars are used.
  • Font: The font name.
  • Font size 1: The font size used for the titles.
  • Font size 2: The font size used for indicator values.
  • Line width: The line width for indicator streams.
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