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Moving Average Cross Alerts

Developer: Indicator Warehouse

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This indicator is the direct result of over three years of end-user feedback, upgrades, and improvements.

The moving average (MA) cross provides you the flexibility of selecting over 10 different MA types to work with.

Depending on your settings, it draws signal arrows provides a variety of visual, audio, and email alert notifications when a pair of moving averages cross, or even get Alerts when the moving averages are getting close to each other.

Key Features

  • Over 10 different moving average types including but not limited to – HMA, SMA, EMA, WMA, TEMA, VWMA, TSF, TMA, LinReg, SMMA, ZLEMA, and ZLTEMA
  • Ability to choose whether or not to display the MA lines on the chart
  • 6 different input data types, for each MA. Open, High, Low, Close, Median and Typical. You can set the first MA to be based on the Open prices, and the second MA to be based on the Typical prices.
  • 5 different output symbols can be drawn to the chart at the crossing of the MA’s. They are Arrows, Triangles, Diamonds, Dots, and Squares
  • Specify different WAV files to be played at cross points
  • MultiColor MA support has been added. The basis for the coloring of the MA’s is changed via the “ColoringBasis” parameter.
  • There are 3 settings:
  1. OnCrossing – Colors of the MA’s change when the Fast MA has crossed above or below the Slow MA.
  2. OnTrendChange – The color of each MA changes when that MA’s trend changes. This is the customary multicolor MA approach.
  3. NoColorChange The colors of the MA’s do not change…they stay the same regardless of crossing or trend changes. This is basically the standard monocolor approach.

Special “ValidZoneSize” Setting:

  • Lets the signals fire when the two MA’s come within this many ticks of each other. Helpful if you want to be alerted of the possibility of an impending moving average cross.
  • When ValidZoneSize is set to some number greater than zero, the indicator now lets you flag different signals based on whether or not the MA’s have become near to one another (an Inward cross), or when they have become far apart from one another (an Outward cross). You then get to draw different chart symbols based on the Inward cross, or the Outward cross.
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