Line Sync

Developer: Steven Dickinson

Line Sync synchronizes your manually drawn lines and text over multiple charts.

Through the Line Sync’s own interface you are able to draw lines and add text to a chart. The lines and text are stored in an internal database, which allows them to be shared across multiple charts. Furthermore, the lines are persistent and will be remembered even if the original chart is removed.

In a typical use case scenario, the trader might manually draw their “homework” levels such as support / resistance or key price levels on a daily chart, and have these levels automatically replicated on another smaller time-frame chart, e.g. 5min. All you need to do is add Line Sync to each chart and it will automatically keep the lines synchronized.

LineSync also allows you to export (or import) to (or from) a file. The file is a “csv” (Comma Separated Value) text file. This file format can be edited by a plain text editor (e.g. Notepad) or Excel.

NOTE: Due to platform limitations, Line Sync only works with graphic objects created via its own interface. This means that objects created through MarketScope’s native interface cannot be accessed by the Line Sync tool.

Line Sync supports horizontal lines, vertical lines, trend lines and text.


The following are inputs available in the application:

  • Database name: This is the name for the database used to store the LineSync data. If this is left blank, then the instrument name is used.
  • Snap to chart: When enabled, the price will snap to the nearest value of the bar’s open, high, low or close.
  • Snap size: This is the distance used for the “Snap to chart” feature (measured in pips).
  • Clear database: Over-ride mechanism to erase all database contents.
  • Colour: The default colour for lines.
  • Width: The default width for lines.
  • Style: The default style for lines.
  • Labels: The default position for line labels.
  • Label displacement: Small displacement for horizontal labels for better visibility (measured in pips).
  • Extend line: The default extension for trend lines. It can be Off, Left, Right or Both.
  • Use dotted line extensions: When enabled the trend line extensions are drawn as ‘dotted’ lines, otherwise the extensions are drawn in the same style as the main line.
  • Font: The name of the label font.
  • Font size: The size of the label font.
  • Use line colour for labels: If set to Yes, the line labels will be drawn in the same colour as the line. If set to No, then the default MarketScope label colour is used (normally black or white depending on background colour).
  • Show tool-tips: When set to Yes, then the label text is also used for “tool tips” for the lines, i.e. they will show when your mouse hovers over the line.
Risk Disclaimer

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