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Innovative Indicator’s Momentum

Developer: Bernard Liedkte

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Innovative Indicator’s Momentum is a specially designed version of the momentum oscillator. Like the standard momentum indicator, it measures the rate of change of price over a certain time period.

The standard momentum indicator can be very jerky in its behaviour. Innovative Indicators have modified the standard momentum formula to make it smoother by combining it with a component of the MACD and smoothing it further with an exponential moving average. It is also displayed as a histogram. The result is a more flowing and easier to read indicator. The indicator can be used in chart analysis in the same way as the standard momentum indicator.

The histogram bars can be coloured to more clearly identify changes in momentum. Green is for momentum above the zero line and red for below. Light green and red means increasing momentum and dark for decreasing. 


The following are inputs available in the application:

  • Momentum sensitivity – 5 to 20 (default 10) changes how fast the indicator reacts to changes in price movement. Small numbers make the indicator more sensitive and larger less sensitive. 
  • Color bars to match momentum – Yes/No. When set to ‘Yes’, the bars are colored green when above zero and red when below zero. Light green and light red mean momentum is increasing and dark means momentum is decreasing. 
  • Default bar color – When ‘Color bars to match momentum’ is set to ‘No’, then the default color is used. This color can be customized.
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