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Automated Strategies

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Developer: Davide Lequile

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We usually need to constantly follow more open trades in parallel without a Limit to optimize the profit
and/or without a Stop to prevent from closing immediately the position: the [email protected] strategy
can automatically do it for you maximizing the Profit, or minimizing losses leaving you free to study other charts.

Often the market moves too fast and doesn’t give us the time to manually put the Stop close to the Limit in place of it, so to maximize the Profit or minimize losses when the market moves favorably toward a specified Limit, instead of taking Profit closing the trade, the [email protected] strategy automatically put a Stop to a specified distance from the Limit assuring a Profit that, without closing the position, can continue growing with the triggered Stop (dynamic or step).

This [email protected] strategy is also useful when the market moves slowly and when more trades are opened in parallel eliminating the need to follow all at the same time for many hours.

From the moment a Stop is automatically triggered, it’s possible to start opening and following new positions.

As extreme-limit use, when critical-trades move for long time around a zero-profit, or before a news when it’s better to close them, the [email protected] strategy can automatically find the right moment for closing the positions.

This strategy can be used by all types of traders, but it is particularly useful for Scalping.


The following inputs are available in the strategy’s parameters window and can be defined by the app user:

  • [email protected] : Minimum Price to reach to set a STOP.
    • The STOP is triggered when market price reaches that specific price
  • Profit in pips : Minimum Profit in pips to set a STOP, default=0 means [email protected]
    • The stop is triggered when you reach a profit of that specific number of pips.
  • Relative Stop in pips : Distance in pips from Profit to set a STOP.
    • The distance in number of pips from your profit to set the stop once reached that profit.
  • Trailing Stop: How the STOP will move with the market price once triggered
    • 0 = Fixed-Stop
    • 1 = Dynamic-Stop
    • Any value between 1 and 9 will be consider as 1 so as a Dynamic-Stop.
    • 10 or more = Step-Stop
Risk Disclaimer

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