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Adaptive CCI Strategy

Developer: FXCM

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The Adaptive CCI Strategy combines the well-known Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator with a set of highly customizable entry/exit parameters.

This strategy places trades using the CCI indicator, which identifies overbought and oversold conditions in price action.  It’s most often used by trend traders to identify precise entry and exit points.

The customizable entry/exit parameters of this strategy allow traders to select individual or multiple methods to enter or exit the market.  This high level of adaptability gives those traders the power to use the strategy in multiple conditions.

This strategy was developed on FXCodebase*.


By default, the strategy is not enabled to either open or close trades.  Users must select parameters to set the conditions by which trades will open or close manually.

Multiple options exist and the trader can select one or multiple conditions that must be met, for an order to open or close.


The strategy can use multiple methods to exit a position.  Two of the most common are exiting when either a Stop Order is triggered, or when the market price reaches the strategy’s zero line.

Using a central line exit will close trades when the current price crosses the central CCI line.


This strategy allows you to customize what action will take place when the price action crosses over or crosses under certain levels.

  • CrossOver and CrossUnder Actions: Select which action the strategy takes when the current price level Crosses Over or Under the Overbought, Zero Line or Oversold levels.  Options include No Action, Sell, Buy or Close Position
  • Indicator Periods: Number of periods used to calculate the CCI
  • Levels: Set the value which defines the overbought and oversold levels
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